• Your Digital CV For A Competitive Edge

    Your MyCalling digital CV design is unique to the global market, get ahead by highlighting your potential through our Automated interview marketing solution (AIMS), and uploading a short video introducing yourself to future employers.

  • One CV, Multiple Career Opportunities

    MyCalling has been designed for job seekers to only complete a 15-minute CV process that will continually market YOU. No need to apply for multiple positions, we do it all for YOU.

  • Simplifying Career Changes

    MyCalling provides job seekers with the opportunity to move through industries and career types, by marketing job seekers to new talent seeking employers. With MyCalling you have the power to select the opportunities that suit YOU.

  • We Build Your Digital CV For You

    By completing the simple MyCalling process, your digital CV is automatically made available. This process has been constructed for the digital age of recruitment and will subscribe you to the MyCalling community, providing you with endless new career opportunities.

  • Highlighting What Makes You Unique

    Rather than relying on your educational qualifications and work experience to make you stand out from the crowd, your MyCalling digital CV will show employers a full view of you as an individual, promoting your distinctive features to future employers.

  • Only 15-Minutes To Kickstart Your Career

    In 15 minutes or less you will be able to complete your basic MyCalling CV, allowing MyCalling to begin marketing you to multiple new employment opportunities.



  • Innovative And Maturing Talent Source

    We offer an alternative solution to the traditional recruitment process, offering an innovative and refreshing source of new talent.

  • Understanding What Champions Looks Like In Your Environment

    MyCalling allows employers to generate customized environment specific baselines within the Automated interview marketing solution (AIMS) process, in order to assist in the talent acquisition and interview processes.

  • Effective Talent Management

    All candidate data is stored in a secure data repository that can be accessed and analyzed at any time. It also allows the employer to build a strong database of candidates for their future resourcing needs and/or to access public data within our public domain.

  • Automation Of Key Elements In The Recruitment Process

    Given that the solution is on-line and automated, much of the manual effort involved in the candidate attraction, marketing and CV administration is removed completely. This delivers measurable efficiencies within your attract and recruitment processes.

  • Introduces consistency and objectivity

    The solution enables a consistent and uniform approach to all candidates applying for roles. It removes the element of subjectivity and personal bias in the shortlisting process, ensuring that your organisation does not miss out on possible potential.

  • Easy Access To Qualify Candidates Through Enhancement Filters

    There are no constraints to the volume of candidates that can undergo our automated interview process. The pre-screening filters directly improve the quality of candidates you should be considering. As a result, you the employer, can evaluate a much broader base of candidates and improve the identification of potential new talent dramatically.

  • Reducing Time and Cost In The Recruitment Process

    The MyCalling solution has digitalized and simplified multiple facets of the recruitment process. This provides the modern employer with a system that supports faster turnaround times, easy access to multiple talent sources and improved cost per placement.

The people that power MyCalling

I want to give every matriculant the experience I had when I first started with MyCalling, developing them into future leaders, so that they can give back to their communities.

- Emile

Recruitment Administrator

It’s not just about what I have earned, but about what I have learned. I am not afraid to teach others and I will never be too good to learn.

- Chanay

Senior Recruitment Specialist

My dream is to add value to the lives of our younger generation, giving them hope for their future.  I believe that if you pursue one’s passion it becomes infectious…making the world a better place.  I want to be the CHANGE I wish to see in the world…

- Chantel

Recruitment Manager

I want to leave the legacy of changing lives, I want to teach, mentor and transfer the knowledge that I have gained.

- Elisa

Recruitment Specialist

I base my success on how many lives we have changed, by helping the wider community and reminding others of what MyCalling does.

- Ilse

Talent Manager

A legacy, it’s not something that we leave behind, it’s something that we leave IN people. The experience, the feeling and the hope that can be transferred, one to another.

- Cristina

Business Enablement Specialist

I want to show that we put people first, people add value to everything we do on a daily basis.

- Zulfa

Recruitment Specialist

I want to be remembered as someone who discovered and promoted talent, by always humbly engaging with our candidates and walking with them in their journey of growth and development.

- Dorothy

Recruitment Specialist

I want my team to be empowered, not be afraid of change and leading change. We are going to build a business that will drive job creation and social economic upliftment, in national and international markets.

- Hilton

MyCalling MD

I want to be remembered for the platform that changed the way that people view talent.

- Yorique

Digital Product Owner

I want to be an agent of change, I want to revolutionise the world of recruitment

- Alvona

Recruitment Specialist

I want to be remembered as someone that treated our people with respect, honesty and integrity.

- Crystal

Recruitment Specialist

I want to be part of the change.  To move away from the traditional way of recruiting.  To implement the change, practice and instil the our values in others.

- Paula

Senior Recruitment Specialist

I will never forget my first placement, the excitement in knowing that I have changed someone else’s life by placing them, it was so fulfilling.

- Lindelani

Recruitment Specialist

I believe that the true essence of legacy is captured by the saying that people will not remember you by what you said and did, but by the way you made them feel.

- Telanie

Practice Manager

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