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  • Dentolegal Consultant – Case Management (qualified with Dental degree)

    Merchants Recruitment

    on 2019/10/31

    Pretoria, Gauteng


    The job is a diverse and ever-changing one, with regular changes in the nature and focus of the day to day work.

    Key responsibilities are:

    1. Advising members by telephone, in correspondence and face to face if necessary, about a wide variety of dentolegal and ethical issues affecting their professional practice. This can include, but is not limited to: complaints, claims, inquests, disciplinary, GDS and Regulatory hearings, or a combination of one or more of these.

    2. Investigating and evaluating cases affecting members where there may be a wide spectrum of potential risks to members’ professional standing. Making regular case-handling decisions, such as when to seek assistance from a Legal Advisor, taking into account the requirements of the individual case and member, in an effective and efficient manner. DLCs make decisions and give advice for which they are individually accountable in numerous matters which may be of significant importance to the professional interests and standing of dental members.

    3. To work collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary team and to contribute to achieving team targets; to ensure that cases are handled effectively and efficiently by making good use of the resources available within the team by showing leadership and support for other members of the team, and the organisation as a whole.

    4. Attending meetings, both remotely and in person, as part of the handling of individual cases, supporting and counselling members, and working collaboratively with the legal team.

    5. Representing members’ interests both in writing and orally, in a wide variety of circumstances, including as part of a disciplinary process, whether involving an employer, a contracting body, the ombudsman, or the regulator.

    6. Raising the profile of Dental Protection and the client through participation/contribution in events, publications etc. that assist in educating members and the profession at large about dentolegal issues, liaising with other stakeholders to uphold and promote the interests of Dental Protection and the client, the membership, and the profession at large.

    7. To be aware, dynamic and adaptable to the changing face of the dentolegal environment, and the needs of Dental Protection, the client, and its membership

    8. Interpretation and implementation of policy and benefits of membership in relation to individual cases within the Dental Department

    9. To participate in staff recruitment to ensure the appointment of appropriate individuals

    10. Undertaking other duties and tasks that from time to time may be allocated to the jobholder that are appropriate to the grade or role

    11. Complying with applicable professional ethical guidance and all relevant internal rules, policy and procedures, including those relating to Health and Safety, Data Protection, IT Security and all those contained within the issued Staff Handbook.


      -The jobholder is required to have both graduate and, ideally, postgraduate dental degrees and/or diplomas and to be fully registered and licensed with the recognised regulator within the relevant jurisdiction (e.g. the GDC). A healthcare law qualification would be advantageous

      -The jobholder must keep up to date with current advances and developments both in dentistry and relevant law, regulations, policies and procedures

      Specific Experience: Required

      -Postgraduate experience in clinical dentistry. Abilities/Skills/Knowledge:

      -A clear understanding of the legal and ethical principles that apply in relation to dental practice in the United Kingdom and/or in other relevant jurisdictions in which the client operates.

      • The jobholder must have:

        •   Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills.

        •   An ability to apply the knowledge he or she has to members’ enquiries.

        •   Demonstrable ability to work effectively and collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary team

        •   An ability to tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty.

        •   Counselling skills.

        •   Negotiating skills.

        •   Advocacy skills.

        •   An analytical and timely, but pragmatic, approach to problem solving.

        •   Good financial awareness.

        •   Good time-management skills

        •   Integrity and respect for people of all roles and backgrounds, and the ability to gain trust

          and respect of colleagues, and external contacts

        •   Resilience and be highly motivated.

        •   The ability to travel to the clients Leeds, London and Edinburgh offices as appropriate.

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